/Book review: The MacCarthys of Munster by The MacCarthy Mor (Samuel Trant McCarthy)

Book review: The MacCarthys of Munster by The MacCarthy Mor (Samuel Trant McCarthy)

The version of The MacCarthys of Munster that is usually obtained is a nicely bound facsimile edition of Samuel’s original book accompanied by a Commentary by the controversial Terence Francis MacCarthy.

The full controversy surrounding Terence can be found elsewhere. However, It is important to point out that the scholarship in Terence’s commentary is generally sound with notable exception of his misdeeds in regards to inserting himself into the Sliocht Cormaic of Dunguile sept of the MacCarthy dynasty.

It is also important to note that Terence, in an effort to promote himself, appears to be unnecessarily harsh in his assessment of Samuel’s scholarship.

In any case, this book is a must read for all descendants of the Name.

The first chapter provides a brief overview of the early history of the the ancestry of the MacCarthys and from where their blood line originated. The book begins with King Milesius of Spain (himself a descendant of Zerah of Judah) , his sons Heber and Heremon,  and from the Heber line we come to Olioll Olum who had Eoghan Mor (from whom the Eoghanachts derive their name) and then the line continues down the centuries to Aodh Duff who had two sons: Failbe Flann (the Father of the MacCarthys) and Finghin (the father of the O’ Sullivans). History shows  the MacCarthy Clan, though the younger of the two sons of Aodh Duff, was the dominant Clan and is to be considered the head family of the the Eoghanachts and thus the head family of the House of Heber.

The following chapters follow the history of the MacCarthy family, their kingdoms, property and details on the various septs that developed from it. Included are several illustrations, some genealogical information regarding the various septs mentioned, historical records, and a list of Authorities used to compile the book.

The book can be ordered from Abe Books.