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Heraldry and Mottos

 Coats of Arms

The Generic MacCarthy Coat of Arms is the Trippant; which is an Irish stag posed in a walking position. Various Septs of MacCarthy have personalized their particular Coat of Arms and added other symbolic additions.


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However, this has not always been used as King Donal IX MacCarthy Mor used the following  as his Coat of Arms:



The top picture is a rendering of the picture on the bottom. This Coat of Arms is on his family’s burial vault in Muckross Abbey, Ireland.

MacCarthy Kings also used seals in official correspondence.


These are the silver seals of Domhnall Ruad MacCarthy, King of Desmond (1262-1302).  Son of Cormac Fionn MacCarthy. They depict a warrior king on his war horse with a bow. These seals can be found at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.

Ancient Mottos 

“For the Strong and Faithful Nothing is Difficult”

-House of MacCarthy Reagh

“The Strong Arm Forever”

-MacCarthy Mor

“Senior of the Melisians”

-Ducs de Clancarthy