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The McCarthys in Early American History

Author: Michael Joseph O’Brien

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Book Review

The McCartys of the Northern Neck, 350 Years of a Virginia Family

Author: William M. McCarty, M.D. and Kathleen Much

How to Acquire: Email Kathleen Much at:  much.bookdr @ gmail.com

Book Review

The McCartys of Virginia

Author: Clara McCarty

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The MacCarthys of Munster

Author: Samuel Trant McCarthy

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Book Review

Kenmare and its Storied Glen

Author: Sister Philomena McCarthy

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Justin MacCarthy, Lord Mountcashel, Commander of the First Irish Brigade in France

Author: John A Murphy, M.A.

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A History of Ireland in the Reign of Elizabeth

Author: Don Philip O’Sullivan Bear

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Gaelic Titles and Forms of Address

Author: Chevalier William F.K. Marmion

How to Acquire: Irish Roots

Irish Knighthoods and Related Subjects

Author: Chevalier William F.K. Marmion

How to Acquire: Irish Roots

Gleanings From Irish History

Author: William F.T. Butler

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The Kings of the Race of Eibhear

Author: Seán Ó Dúbhagáin

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David James Carty (McCarty): Soldier of the American Revolution

Author: Maxwell Ervin

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McCarty and other Southern Roots

Author: Etta Jackman

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Irish Pedigrees, Or, The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation

Author: John O’Hart

How to Acquire: Google Book

Annals of Innisfallen

Author:  Scholars of the monastery of Innisfallen

How to Acquire: Online

Letter Book of Florence Mac Carthy Reagh, Tanist of Carbery, Mac Carthy Mór

Author: Various

How to Acquire: Online

 Letter of Florence Mac Carthy to the Earl of Thomond, on the ancient history of Ireland

Author: Florence MacCarthy Reagh

How to Acquire: Online

 The Desmond Survey

Author: Unknown

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 Historical Essays on the Kingdom of Munster

Author: Terence Francis McCarthy

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 Kerry Archaeological Magazine, Volume 1

How to Acquire: Online

 Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeology Society

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