This site is the Home of the North American Chapter of the MacCarthy Clan. We have obtained our covenant from the International Foundation of the MacCarthy Clan in Ireland, which is headed by the Chief of the Clan, The MacCarthy Mor.

Our purpose is to organize the members of, and friends of, the MacCarthy Clan to promote the objectives of the International Foundation. The North American Chapter objectives are as follows

  • To foster knowledge of MacCarthy Clan (and, Gaelic-Irish) history, traditions, and customs;
  • To honor, preserve and perpetuate the traditions of all Irish-descended people – particularly those of The MacCarthy Clan – and their contributions to the history and culture of North America;
  • To promote and preserve awareness of, and provide a place of safekeeping for, artifacts, manuscripts, documents, Internet resources, literature, and/or other items pertaining to the Clan;
  • To preserve and protect Gaelic values and traditions – particularly those of the ancient Irish province of Munster, and the Kingdom of Desmond;
  • To promote fellowship among the MacCarthy Clan extended family in North America.


The North American Chapter is under the direction of Matthew McCarty; the authority is granted by the Chancery of the MacCarthy Mor.