/Who is a Mac Cárthaigh?

Who is a Mac Cárthaigh?

Mac Cárthaigh is the original Gaelic name of the Clan. There are many derivatives of the name and most are Anglicized translations or modified versions of the name with McCarthy considered one of the more accurate and common translations.  There are also many sept names or agnomens (nicknames), that have come to be used in place of the Mac Cárthaigh surnames.

Translations and derivatives of Mac Cárthaigh can include :

MacCarthy, McCarthy, McCarty, McArthy, McCurdy, some of the surname Carty, and some of the surname Carthy.  A full list of surnames can be found in the McCarthy Sept Agnomen Table.

If you carry this surname, count yourself one of the most privileged — You have inherited a great family heritage and history!

However, with this inheritance you also inherit the duty to preserve this legacy and history and to uphold the standards and expectations of the Name: Mac Cárthaigh!